Our “Times Of Refreshing” CD/ DVD project is finished! Our live recording in October 2018 at Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth, TX was ONE AMAZING night of praise and worship. The glory and presence of the Lord filled the church. This powerful live CD/DVD will reach deep into the lives of millions of people. The focus of our live recording was Times Of Refreshing!  Our mission is to reach the world and share the message of Jesus Christ through anointed music.


Every song written is anointed to inspire and uplift!

This project is packed with music that brings joy and a refreshing to the very soul of everyone who listens and will compel them to believe that when they refuse to quit, they win! As this music invites them to trust in God and believe; their better days are just ahead. God will cause them to triumph in every area of life!

We would like to share a few testimonies that we received from that night and also a testimony regarding another song we recorded:

Great night!! You guys hit it out of the park!
I have an amazing miracle that took place while I was there tonight. Last night I was in so much pain I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to make the concert. It had gotten worse through the day yesterday. We think it was a pinched nerve. I couldn’t even text because when my fingers touched the screen it would shoot an excruciating pain up my arm to my elbow. Marvin spent an hour massaging me and stretching my arm last night. But the pain would get so bad I would scream in pain. I’ve never had something like that. I believe I pulled something when lifting a window in the house that was hard to open yesterday morning.

Up until this morning I was still in pain. I got out of bed by faith around 8:45 am. I did not want to miss tonight. My friend Shana witnessed throughout the day the pain I still had. It wasn’t as bad as last night but it was there when reaching or picking something up. I couldn’t lift my right arm. Also I couldn’t fix my hair this morning or tonight for the concert. I know it didn’t look like it due to the Lord blessing me with great hair. Only I knew I wasn’t 100% pleased with my hair. Lol

As I drove to the concert Marvin asked how my arm was. I told him it wasn’t as bad as last night but I can’t lift things and if I turn it, it hurts . Sometime during the concert all pain was gone! I’m crying as I type this. I got to my car tonight after I saw you and told Shana “MY ARM DOESN’T HURT ANYMORE!!!” God is so good! Special anointing tonight. Love all the new songs!
Love you guys!
Sophie, from Houston, TX

Here’s another testimony:

I would like to share with Elder Candy that her song “In Jesus Name” became my brother’s song that he played to strengthen me as I was in a coma given up to die.. Faith in God brought me through 68 days of hospitalization and out of a coma and through recovery! Praise God. God bless you for your obedience!
Ana from Florida

We don’t just record music; we pray and believe God that our music will be used to heal, to save, to deliver and to bring the listener right into presence of God! This Is Ministry Through The Sound Of Music!


As always, we thank you for your love; we thank you for your prayers; and we thank you for your support. We believe that we can meet and even exceed our goal.



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