Who Is This Person That I Married?

Who Is This Person That I Married?2014-02-13T16:12:41-06:00


Have you ever awakened one morning, looked over at your spouse, and thought, “Oh my Lord, I’m really married! How did I get here? Did I make the right decision? Who is this person that I married?” At some point in our lives, most of us have had these thoughts race through our minds during the early morning hours.

Years ago, an elderly woman curtly told me, “Baby, marriage is for grown folk.” Many of the adult marriages I knew were more like fickle teenage romances than mature God-approved unions. Nevertheless, I realized that marriage is something that should never be entered into with eyes closed. It is something that should always be approached with caution; it should never be based on an assumed hope that all will go well.

In my observations at a young age, I became very aware that marriage could be like heaven on earth when it is God-led and God-breathed. When God joins two mature people together, marriage can be the union of two destinies flowing in harmonious rhythm. If the couple walks together with God, they will be able to ride through the highs and lows of life without ever skipping a beat. But when God is not recognized as the third member of that marriage and is not allowed to have the final word, both people are left with one big question: WHO IS THIS PERSON THAT I MARRIED?