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We all expect one thing or another every day, throughout the day, even if we expect nothing at all. I know I do. Expectations are the direct result of what we believe, whether good or bad, true or false. Unfortunately, many are programmed by the world’s system to expect the worse in order to avoid disappointment, though the best is just as likely to happen. But, of course, that’s not you.

Many things shape our expectations. Our previous experiences, others’ successes and failures, national statistics, family history, and the reliability of those we trust, just to name a few, determine what we will anticipate for the present, as well as the future. But, true faith in God’s promises, providence, plans, and power will overturn the seemingly impossible, undoable, and unreachable. When our eyes are on Him and who He is, our vision for MORE greatly increases and our EXPECTATIONS are on a whole new level.

MAXIMIZE YOUR EXPECTATIONS helps you to recognize your personal forecast for everything in your life, and how to change it if your outcomes have not been favorable. Often, we SAY we’re expecting one thing while everything else about us says something else. Our core belief system becomes evident by what we say and what we do, thus revealing our true expectations. No worries! By the time you finish reading this book, your words and actions will be in perfect alignment with the blessed and meaningful life that God wants you to have.