Englewood Greater Grand Crossing Children’s Choir (EGGC)


Music Directors: Stephen & Candy LaFlora

Contact Information: 708-506-7324


Our Program-

The Englewood Greater Grand Crossing Children’s Choir (EGGC) is a children’s community choir created to inspire hope, self-worth and community pride through the use of the arts in the Englewood Greater Grand Crossing community of Chicago. This choir introduces inspirational and gospel music, dance & aspects of theater to the urban school arena, which includes students who otherwise may have lacked exposure.

The EGGC choir exist to create a safe haven to cultivate and display the artistic talents of children and youth while infusing hope into their lives as well. We use inspirational music as a way to both broaden the student’s musical appreciation and to have fun exploring good inspirational and gospel music. The music is inspirational as well as vocally challenging and is used to ignite the student’s musical potential. Lastly, the EGGC choir works to prepare students to elevate this artistic ability to a concert performance level.

Our Mission –

To inspire hope, wholeness, and to ignite the artistic potential in children & youth in the inner city through the infusion of the performing arts.